Rails Commit Access

10 September 2010

Hi all, I’m really happy to announce that I am the first Australian to have been invited into the commit team for Ruby on Rails!

About 48 hours ago, I was pleasantly surprised to read in the Rails Core campfire chat that David, Jeremy and Yehuda all decided that I should be put into the Rails commit team.

While this does not mean I am part of the “Core Team” yet, it does mean I can help move Rails forward at a rapid rate, and also means Australia now has a local who has commit access to the Rails Organisation repositories

Mostly, this was due to my work with the Action Mailer 3 updates with Mail, but I plan to extend this to other areas like Active Resource.

I am honoured to be given this access and hope to carry the torch for all Rubyists, especially those in Australia, for a long time!

So you will be seeing me a lot more in the commit logs from me and I’ll definitely be helping out on Rails in between my consulting work as the founder of reinteractive


Mikel Lindsaar

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