4 February 2022

I an an entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia travelling frequently to the USA and Asia.

My name is pronounced exactly as you would “Michael”.

Growing up the Hills of Adelaide, South Australia, I was extremely fortunate to be given a computer in the early 80s and had access to the internet within the first years of it arriving to our city.

I knew from a very early age that the world was going to be connected and I was going to be part of that.

University couldn’t keep me interested and I dropped out with a year to go and started persuing my own goals, 5 years of working in the IT industry, building a highly successful ISP from the ground up, helping form the Victorian Internet Exchange and learning everything I could about everything I could left me unfullfilled.

So I went and become a full time volunteer with the Church of Scientology helping people from around the world with solutions for personal problems and life crippling issues.

After a decade of volunteering, I returned to the work force and started reinteractive and what would eventually become MetaPulse. I spent the next 10 years growing reinteractive and MetaPulse as well as starting and exiting four other companies.

While building these companies, I also created the Ruby Mail gem and helped modify the Rails ActionMailer library to use Mail as it’s email library, this gained me an invitation to become Australia’s first member of the Ruby on Rails commit team, of which I am now an Alumni.

I also got married to an incredible lady and have been blessed with the most wonderful daughter.

I now keep myself busy with my family, my work and my incredible staff and clients.

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