3 February 2023

I am currently the founder and CEO of three comapnies StoreConnect, MetaPulse and reinteractive.

I previously founded StatusHub and, and co-founded Flood.IO, all with successful exits.

I’m a programmer who loves Ruby and created the Ruby Mail Gem and am part of the Ruby on Rails commit team alumni from my work in integrating Mail into the Rails ActionMailer library.

Current Companies

Image of the StoreConnect logo

I started StoreConnect in late 2017 after realizing that a powerful, out of the box, simple eCommerce system on top of Salesforce would provide a compelling solution for the massive Small to Medium business market.

StoreConnect is Time. Well Spent. It saves our clients valuable time spent wrangling with separate systems and instead centralizes all eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, Ordering, Point of Sale and process management into a single dashboard using Salesforce.

StoreConnect won the 2021 International Salesforce Innovation Award for Retail and is continuing to grow with a strong and passionate client base in a wide range of industries.

Image of the MetaPulse logo

MetaPulse was founded in 2010 from my need to have a system to keep metrics and track of all my ventures and businesses. Founded with the idea of being a Growth Management System it has been steadily growing over the last decade building into an incredibly powerful system to manage any business.

By providing Org Charts, OKRs, KPIs with trend alerts, Knowledge, Events and Reports all in one system, MetaPulse provides a way for any company to really grow in a scalable manner.

Image of the reinteractive logo

reinteractive was founded in 2010 as a Ruby on Rails focused design, development and hosting company. After more than a decade of helping companies with their Rails applications, we have become very, very good at it. Our OpsCare and CodeCare subscription services provide customers with peace of mind for their significant software investment, and our development team are second to none.

Prior Companies

Image of the Flood.IO logo

I co-founded Flood.IO with the amazing Tim Koopmans with Ivan Vanderbyl joinging shortly after.

Flood.IO solved load and performance testing of websites in a really simple manner, taking the complexity out of what was, well, very complex. After a few years of growth we sold Flood.IO to the great people at Tricentis.

Image of the StillAlive logo

I founded StillAlive to provide an uptime monitoring tool that ensured a site is up and online but instead of just a ping check, we were one of the first to build out a scripted approach to actually testing a complex web application could actually do something (like a checkout) within an expected time frame.

After a couple of years of growth, we sold to the awesome people at

Image of the StatusHub logo

I created StatusHub as one of the first status websites, it was an obvious thing to build alongside of and took off. As part of the StillAlive sale, we also sold StatusHub to the awesome people at

Image of the enlight logo was created to help handle the online learning space, I found online courses uninspiring and enlight solved this itch by providing interactivity to the student with real human instructors. Last year I sold to a group of passionate co-founders who want to focus and give enlight the attention it deserves.

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